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A Universal

Unite Energy Drink Inc. was inspired by the universal feeling of unity that characterizes the LGBTQ community here in the United States and throughout the world. The concept was born one night at one of the many events held at a local bar frequented by many members of the local LGBTQ community. Type your paragraph here.


We set out to create a product that truly represents the passions of our population, the essence of our energy and our unwavering determination to defend the rights of our community. To that end, it is our privilege to donate a portion of the proceeds from our sales to charitable programs that support the local LGBTQ community.

Diversity &

Unite Energy Drink celebrates our diversity and vitality with its unique refreshing flavor and invigorating energy boost, available in both regular and sugar-free versions. We hope you enjoy our drink and feel proud of the freedom of expressing who you are!

We Support Our Community

In an effort to give back to our community, Unite Energy Drink donated 10% of our proceeds to LGBT organizations and programs.

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